Mayflower Wind Project Information

The purpose of this page is to make it easy for citizens to access all information which FHMNA posts on our website regarding the Mayflower Wind Project (which proposes to connect electricity from the planned wind farm about 30 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard to the MA electrical grid, possibly through Falmouth Heights).  All posts to date are listed below under the list of the “Most Important Links”.  As more information becomes available, it will be added to the page.

This page is open to our members and to the general public.

Members receive advance notice of meetings and presentations and an email when we publish a post.  Others may visit the website at any time.  If you reside or own residential property in our “Focus Area” (see map), you may join FHMNA to receive advance notice and invitations to/of all posts, member meetings and parties (see instructions on our website).

MOST IMPORTANT LINKS (embedded in articles posted on the dates noted). ALSO see ALL articles posted on this website below this section for detailed information on Select Board Meetings, etc. This section is reserved for links to Mayflower and governmental documents and deadlines for comments.

1/7/22: See post below with this date: Register for 1/27/22 Virtual Open House

12/19/21: see post below with this date: Federal Consistency Review – 21 day comment period

12/13/21:  See post below with this date for a number of links including one to the full 507 page 11/17/21 Mayflower Wind petition.

12/9/21: See this post to learn more about commenting, the results of comments received, and the complete version of the Mayflower Wind ENF : Mayflower Wind Public Notice of Environmental Review ENF Access Information 

12/6/21: See this post to learn how to comment within 20 days: Notice of Environmental Review Project: Mayflower Wind (Falmouth Connector) – Comments requested

10/1-12/1/21: US Bureau of Ocean Energy Management Open Comment Period.  See 11/3/21 article for instructions.

9/27/21: Windflower Wind map of 2nd cable option landing on Central Park Ave area proceeding over to and up Falmouth Heights Road to the substation.  Scroll down to “Making landfall”.

8/7/21: The following two links are items handed out to members at our Annual Meeting on August 7, 2021 and will be included as links in the minutes when they are published.  The Mayflower Wind Falmouth Fact Sheet contains general information for all Falmouth citizens.  The Mayflower Wind FAQs for FHMNA were specific answers to questions asked by our members for presentation at the Annual Meeting.

2/27/21: Mayflower Wind Newsletter.  Includes link to the video “Virtual Town Hall” which took place on 2/10/21.

5/17/21: Select Board Chooses Independent Consultant (Mayflower Wind Project).

5/3/21: Mayflower Wind Virtual Open House May 18, 2021 6:30-7:30 on YouTube as “The Future of Clean Energy is Here”.

2/12/21: To watch the 50 minute ZOOM meeting sponsored by FHMNA for our members on 1/27/21, click on this link and enter this passcode: i$rFNcQ7.  Read the full article (below) for the FHMNA President’s introduction.

11/15/20 & 11/8/20: Mayflower Wind: Links to News Articles & Video on Demand. See FCTV video on demand (scroll to 1:51:50 through 3:01) of Mayflower Wind’s initial presentation to the Select Board and various newpaper articles re. that meeting.

11/8/20: Gradient Technical EMF Memo and General Fact Sheet.  From: Information About and From Mayflower Wind.


ALL FHMNA POSTS (and some notes) BEGINNING OCTOBER 3, 2020:

Posted 1/7/2022:   Mayflower Wind Virtual Open House Thursday, 1/27/22, 6:30-7:30 

Posted 1/1/22: Mayflower Wind: Falmouth Enterprise 12/31/21 Editorial Sums It Up

Posted 12/25/21: Select Board 12/20/21 10-Minute Update on Mayflower Wind Cable Project Turns Into 35 Minutes with Citizen Comments

Posted 12/19/21: Cape Cod Times 12/17/21: Wind Power Pipeline Set to Double

Posted 12/19/21: Comments Due 21 Days From 12/17/21: Federal Consistency Review – Mayflower Wind Project

Posted 12/18/21: Mayflower Wind Member Survey Results & Call to Action: Select Board 12/20/21 Agenda – Mayflower Wind Discussion

Posted 12/13/21: Clarification of the Mayflower Wind Petition and our email of 12/6/21 “Mayflower Wind Petitions Filed 11/17/21 with the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs”

Posted 12/9/21: Mayflower Wind Public Notice of Environmental Review ENF Access Information 

Posted 12/6/21: Notice of Environmental Review Project: Mayflower Wind (Falmouth Connector) – Comments requested

Posted 12/6/21: Mayflower Wind Petitions Filed 11/17/21 With the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Posted 11/3/21: Open Letter from Mayflower Wind Requesting Public Comment

Posted 9/27/21: Mayflower Wind rejects Surf Drive as a cable landfall site.

Posted 8/4/21: FHMNA Annual Meeting, Saturday, August 7, 2020. Agenda item #5: Mayflower Wind Discussion (including question and answer session).  (As of 9/19/21, the Annual Meeting Minutes have not been posted yet.  Until posting, you may request a draft copy by emailing us.)

Posted 5/23/21: Enterprise Articles: Mayflower Wind & Shipwrecked (restaurant).

Posted 5/17/21: Select Board Chooses Independent Consultant (Mayflower Wind Project).

Posted 5/3/21: FHMNA: Mayflower Wind Virtual Open House May 18, 2021 6:30-7:30.

Posted 3/5/21: Mayflower Wind Bore Holes & Select Board Agenda. Includes photos.

Posted 2/27/21: Mayflower Wind 2/26/21 Newsletter (article) and the newsletter itself.

Posted 2/15/21: Cable Boring Test to Begin Tomorrow (Tuesday, 2/16/21).

Posted 2/12/21: Mayflower Wind ZOOM Presentation for FHMNA Members (January 27, 2021).

Posted 1/15/21: Hold the date (1/27/21) – Mayflower Wind / FHMNA Zoom Presentation.

{psted 11/15/20: Mayflower Wind: Links to News Articles & Video on Demand.

Posted 11/10/20: Mayflower Wind Request for Bore Hole Testing Approved by Select Board. 

Posted 11/8/20:  Information About and From Mayflower Wind.

Posted 10/31/20: Mayflower Wind Update.

From 10/26/20: The Select Board discussed the matter but no vote was taken. Here is the discussion from their minutes online: “5. Announcements:  Chair English Braga noted many emails about the Mayflower project have been received and read. Mr. Brown and Ms. Taylor met with Mayflower last week, outlined their concerns, and the information that would be helpful. Ms. Taylor believed they were clear about the lack of information, particularly around health and safety. Making sure information is made to the public before going forward. The Select Board is charged with getting the information and making decision that is best for Town. Mr. Jones noted the later item on the agenda has nothing to do with Mayflower.”

Posted 10/12/20: Vote Delayed on Mayflower Wind/Heights Beach Parking Lot Bore Holes.

From 10/5/20: Select Board minutes:  No vote was taken to approve MayFlower Wind’s request to conduct test boring at the Heights Beach Parking Lot, Surf Drive Beach or Blacksmith Shop Road sites because the Board did not yet have clearance from the town lawyer on this matter.

Posted 10/3/20: CALL TO ACTION: Select Board to VOTE Monday, 10/5/20 – Heights Beach to be studied for an underground cable transfer from an 804-megawatt wind farm located more than 20 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard to an inland substation.