Mayflower Wind Update

While the Select Board’s (SB) 10/26/20 Agenda regarding “Status report update/discussion on wind turbines” had nothing to do with the Mayflower Wind (MW) application for test bore holes in the Heights and Surf Drive beach parking lots, there were some comments regarding MW during the Announcement period. To watch on FCTV, click here and scroll to minutes 19:04 through 21:25.

Chair Megan English-Braga mentioned that the SB had received a number of letters from residents and she wanted to assure everyone that they have been read and are being responded to. Doug Brown and Nancy Taylor met with representatives of Mayflower Wind last week to outline the Town’s and residents’ concerns, especially the fact that MW lacked information about health and safety issues. MW will get back to the SB in the future with that information.

The SB wants to make sure that relevant information gets to the public before they make any decision regarding testing or future involvement in Falmouth. Doug Brown mentioned that residents’ letters were not “anti-wind”, but primarily concerned with health and safety issues. Nancy Taylor noted that the SB’s decision will be based on what’s best for Falmouth.