Mayflower Wind Request for Bore Hole Testing Approved by Select Board

Last night, Monday, November 9, 2020, the Select Board (SB) voted unanimously to allow Mayflower Wind (MW) to proceed with testing at the Heights Beach, Surf Drive Beach and Blacksmith Road. This in no way obligates the town of Falmouth to become a host community or approve future applications even if the test results are considered appropriate for the project.

An independent analysis will take place by a consultant chosen by the Town and paid for by Mayflower Wind. MW is not given an express right to see the results.

MW came fully prepared to answer all the concerns of the Select Board, the many residents who wrote to the SB, and those 28 people who attended by Zoom, including health and safety EMF issues. One SB suggestion was to drill the bore hole next to the Heights Beach parking lot rather than put a hole in the relatively new surface. Also addressed was the fact that Worcester Ct/Ave has only recently been renewed. MF said their commitment is to leave any construction area always looking better after they’re done than when they begin.

FHMNA will wait for The Enterprise to publish an article, will email you the link and fill in any additional information which might not have been reported that we think you should know.

Meanwhile, if you are interested in this subject, we highly recommend watching the full hour-long meeting on YouTube.  Scroll to 1:50:49.  It was chock full of scientific information.