Resources (links highlighted in blue)

For general information, questions, concerns and/or complaints:

BEACHES:  We love our beaches!  Please enjoy yourselves and be respectful of your fellow beach-goers.

The Enterprise often prints articles about the beach both online and in their Friday printed edition.  However, to get the latest ALERTS about the beaches, go to the Beach Department webpage and view the NEWS FLASH at the top.

IF YOU EXPERIENCE TROUBLE AT THE BEACH, please follow these guidelines and add the phone numbers below into your cell phone.

If you observe activities¬†on the beach that violate Falmouth Town beach bylaws, rules or both (smoking, drinking, disruptive ball/projectile playing, dogs on the beach, etc.), please note that the official ‚Äėchain of command‚Äô is:


If the lifeguards do not/are not able to respond or control the behavior,

(2) FOR RULE VIOLATIONS (Smoking, disruptive ball playing), call:

508-548-8623¬†Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse, 9 AM ‚Äď 4 PM when¬†the beach is officially open, or

774-392-6900 Acting Beach Superintendent Maggie Clayton,, outside of official open hours or if you do not get a response from the Bathhouse.

(3) FOR ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR (public consumption of alcohol):

774-255-4527 ext. 0 to reach Police Dispatch.

Falmouth Police Officer Elson Costa will be on duty at the Heights and Bristol beaches¬†Memorial day to Labor Day, Wednesday to Sunday, 10 AM ‚Äď 6 PM, to monitor criminal behavior and address such issues as rowdy behavior but not necessarily people drinking alcohol who are well mannered.

Town Code says: 87-4 Dogs. [Amended ATM 4-8-2003, Art. 36] No dogs or other animals shall be brought upon any of said public beaches nor permitted thereon between May 1 and October 1.

Beach Department/Beach Committee: and

Beach stickers:  Prices & Policies.


Animal Services (Animal Control):  508-457-2552 or 508-457-2550 x3. 

Emergency animal calls may be directed to the Falmouth Police Department at animalcontrol@falmouthma,gov or (774) 255-4527 (then press 0 for a dispatcher). An Animal Control Officer will then be notified.

Stranded Seals: International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) hotline: 508-743-9548


Chamber of Commerce
For general information about Falmouth and links to various events listed by month (Road Race, July 4th, parades, etc).


Coastal Resiliency Action Committee 

The purpose of this committee is to prepare action plans for submission to the Board of Selectmen to address the risks and hazards to coastal infrastructure and coastal properties that may be caused by coastal erosion, storms and sea level rise.


Committee Handbook: includes Falmouth Online Posting Policy on page 24 (initiated by FHMNA prior to MA Open Hearing laws).


Department of Public Works (repair or replace existing signs, repair sidewalks, request Town/public garbage cans and trimming of overgrown intersections).


Emergency Police entrance home alarm registration:  If you have an alarm system and are away from home often, you might want to register with the police so they know how to reach you in case of emergency.  Fill out and submit their form.


Highway Department Supervisor James F. Grady Jr.: 508-457-2543.


Historic Preservation Plan (2014) 


LPSSA (Little Pond Sewer Service Area)

The sewering project is complete including re-landscaping of Worcester Ct and Ave with the addition of sidewalks on both sides.

For more information, click on Annual Archives (left column) and scroll through articles from 2015 through 2018 and the page entitled 2016-2017 Sewer HOOKUPS COMPLETED: Neighbors’ Reports

See also:

A list of  Town articles regarding gravity pumps.

LPSSA Betterment Policy BOS PDF 6-1-15

Three FHMNA articles from 2014 including “Financial Help for Homeowners (of the Little Pond Service Area) (posted 5/14/14)” .

Falmouth Enterprise 5/15/15, pg 7, “Falmouth to Receive $3.4 Million for Water and Sewer Projects

Eco-toilet information on the Town website and also our FHMNA 8/9/2013 article. 

Wastewater Division and Water Quality Management Committee (including Little Pond Sewer Service Area 2013 map).


Police Department, 774-255-4527, extension 0

Request a speed control trailer from the Traffic Advisory Committee.
Contact James Porter at or  774-255-4527 x4651.  See also Traffic Safety Program.

See Emergency Police entrance home alarm registration (above) to register your house alarm system with the
Falmouth Police so they know who to call if your alarm triggers.

Heights/Maravista Neighborhood Police Liaison Officer
Jim Cummings:774-255-4527, x4561 or

Sargent Sean Doyle, Head of Neighborhood Liaison Department or 774-255-4527, x4505


Reverse 911 Calls (Emergency Notification Service):  Register your home or cell phone at the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Department:


Road Race (New Balance Falmouth Road Race):       This is the official website of the New Balance Falmouth Road Race which runs every August from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights Beach.  Road closures information is on the Police Department website:


Town Committee Meetings:

Click here to access the Town Committee Meetings Agenda Page where you can search for future, current or past agendas and minutes, and most importantly, sign up to receive notifications of meetings for any committees of interest to you.

Agendas are normally posted 48 hours prior to a meeting, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Minutes are normally posted 10 days after the meeting for groups which meet weekly, longer for groups meeting less often.


Town Website

This is the Town of Falmouth website for all Town  departments including meeting schedules  (see Town Committee Meetings above), property values, online permits, and e-mail links to individual members of these groups (staff directory).

The Town website home page also includes many links to Town employees and organizations of interest to residents and visitors.


Traffic Advisory Committee (for road safety including requesting new street signs) which meets the 3rd Monday of every month, 9 am, at Town Hall: James Porter, TAC representative, 508-457-2527, x651 or


Trash Pickup:   
Town property (DPW for beaches & parks)
:  508-457-2543
Private Residences:
Republic Services, 508-398-9222, 800-352-7808.  Also see trash pickup and recycling schedule.


Zoning Enforcement Officer:

Rod Palmer, Building Commissioner and Zoning Enforcement Officer,  (,  508-495-7476), is available to answer zoning questions. The Zoning Enforcement Officer enforces zoning based on the regulations of The Code of the Town of Falmouth, investigates reported zoning by-law violations and assists in the sign permit application process.  To make a complaint regarding light pollution, restricted roadway views, etc.,  please fill out and deliver this Building Dept Zoning Complaint Form.