Recent News Published By The Enterprise

In the past few weeks, the Falmouth Enterprise has published some articles of interest regarding the Heights and Maravista.  In case you don’t subscribe, here are the links: “Off-Season Parking Regulations In Effect” (Heights Beach area) Falmouth Enterprise Article, 11/25/16, p. 14 “Give Credit Where Credit Is Due” (septic tax credit information researched by …

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Please send us your feedback on Falmouth Heights and Bristol Beaches

Many FHMNA members have been outspoken in their discomfort with the lack of enforcement of beach rules at Bristol and Falmouth Heights beaches and the resulting issues of safety and discourteous behavior. On Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016, five FHMNA Directors met with the Beach Committee (BC) to discuss civility on our beaches and the lack …

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Maravista Avenue Status

The following Information was provided by Amy Lowell, Wastewater Superintendent, ph:  (508) 457-2543 x 3018, email: At the end of October, 2016, the Town’s LPSSA Contractor Robert B. Our Company completed the installation of all sewer mains in the LPSSA project area.  Sewer lateral installation and drainage basin installation will be completed next week …

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LPSSA Septic Abandonment/Sewer Hookup Tax Credit

If your property is located in the LPSSA area, by now you should have received a “verification letter” dated October 28, 2016 from the Town of Falmouth (verification-letter-lpssa-final) which provides support for the claiming of a tax credit in regards to the mandated sewer connection. As with any tax issue, we urge you to seek the …

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Grinder Pumps, Remote Sentries and Winterization Procedure

Amy Lowell, Wastewater Superintendent, has provided the following information in response to those who have asked what steps they should take to winterize their grinder pump units if they will be gone for the winter. Grinder Pumps, Remote Sentries and Winterization Procedure This information is being provided in response to questions we’ve received from some …

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Perch Pond Dredging Request Denied

See Enterprise Friday, 9/9/16:  “Perch Pond Group Challenges Conservation Commission Ruling” at  The Conservation Commission denied the request to dredge. Also see FHMNA posting posted 6/16: The original request was made in 2015.  See the Enterprise article at

Properties ready for hookup

Below is the link to the June 2016 map of properties ready to be hooked up to the LPSSA:

Sewer Hookup Completed on Amherst Ave

FHMNA member Jerry Potamis has completed his sewer hookup on Amherst Ave, Falmouth Heights and has shared the following information with us all. We hope that these details are useful to you.  (Disclaimer – your line items may be the same, but remember – all properties are unique.) Initial Estimate by homeowner Final Contract Price Septic Abandonment $1,000 inc. as lump sum …

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Little Pond Sewer Service Area Presentation July 12, 2016

The LPSSA forum on Tuesday, July 13, 2016 lasted 1 hour 46 minutes and included both a presentation by Wastewater Superintendent Amy Lowell and several speakers sponsored by the FHMNA including: FHMNA member and Maravista resident Larry Backman speaking about his personal experience with sewer hookup, Jay Zavala former president of the Falmouth Chamber of …

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Little Pond Summer Water Condition – Ray Jack’s Assessment

Recently, an FHMNA member requested updates from Raymond Jack, Public Works Director for the Town of Falmouth, on the water quality this summer in Little Pond. Below is the text of an email which Mr. Jack sent to our member.  We appreciate the time Mr. Jack took to respond and wish to share this thorough …

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