Spring Brunch

You are invited:

Sunday Spring Brunch - June 23, 2024
10:30am-12:30 pm
Coonamessett Inn


FHMNA will host a Spring Brunch for our members on June 23, 2024 at the Coonamessett Inn providing an opportunity to share brunch with friends and neighbors who are members. 


An indoor event that will insure that there will be no need to cancel and reschedule due to foul weather, there will still be an opportunity to catch some fresh air outside on the porch. Our theme will be “Getting to see you, Getting to know you”.


“Putting it my way, putting it nicely,” you might like a cup of tea or coffee or maybe something from the cash bar, all three will be available (“a glass of red or a glass of white to enhance your appetite” or a Bloody Mary or Mimosa instead). 


With a tip and meal tax a healthy brunch at the Coonamessett costs $35 per person. Your FHMNA is willing to pick up a portion of the tab reducing your cost to $15 a member. You are welcome to bring a guest or neighbor but our budget would require them to pay $35 to join us.


If any guest(s) join FHMNA at this brunch, $20 for an individual or $30 as a family/couple will be counted as dues for the coming fiscal year, 8/1/24-7/31/25.


Payment Confirmation

Once we hear from you and have received your payment, we will confirm your planned attendance. 


We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you as we all look forward to a fabulous summer in Falmouth.






3 Payment Options

Pay by check:

  1. Please reply to events@fhmna.org with the NAME(S) and ADDRESS(ES) of each attendee(s).
  2. Then, please send a check made out with total amount ($15 for each member and $35 for each non-member) to “FHMNA” to:

FHMNA PO Box 43 Falmouth, MA 02541

 Pay by PayPal:


If you have any problem with this, i.e. the “Submit” button does not show up or you    are not connected to PayPal, try using a different browser.  Google Chrome, Edge      and Firefox should work.  SAFARI does not work.


 Pay at the door:

If the two options above do not work for you or suit your needs, you may bring a check made out to “FHMNA” or cash for your total amount ($15 per member; $35    per non-member) to the event and pay upon entering.  To do so, you must email events@fhmna.org to register all names and street addresses of attendees.