FHMNA Educates Falmouth Residents about Mayflower Wind’s Intentions

It has come to the attention of the FHMNA Board of Directors that there are many Heights/Maravista residents, and in fact, Falmouth residents, who are still unaware of Mayflower Wind’s intentions to run cables possibly through the Heights and other Falmouth neighborhoods to hook up electricity generated offshore to the MA grid.

Although Mayflower Wind put a “temporary suspension” on their Falmouth activities, they also announced that they were planning to return to Falmouth and the State with requests to proceed in the Fall, possibly as soon as September.

Therefore, last week we took two actions:

1.We published another half-page ad in The Falmouth Enterprise on 8/26/22. You can read that ad by clicking here.  At the bottom of the ad is the Select Board’s email address and an invitation to join us in our efforts to block Mayflower Wind’s efforts.

2.We US mailed the following letter (on FHMNA stationary) to about 1375 Heights and Maravista residents who are not members of FHMNA.





Dear Falmouth Resident,

By now you have seen lawn signs that call for Mayflower Wind to stop planning to land commercial and industrial sized electric cables under Falmouth Heights Beach and traverse Worcester Avenue Park and beyond for miles through the streets of Falmouth while building a mammoth sized sub-station in your neighborhood. Maybe you have read the articles in the local paper and letters to the editor concerning Mayflower Wind and/or you attended the Public Forum held on June 8, 2022 when over 250 residents showed their concerns and 30 spoke in opposition to this project that could scar Falmouth forever.

Since October of 2020, The Falmouth Heights – Maravista Neighborhood Association has educated itself and its members of the threat that Mayflower Wind poses to not only the residents of these two Falmouth villages but to all the villages in Falmouth altering the quality of life and reducing property values as well. The FHMNA has posted articles, letters, documents, and photos of a construction site that provide a glimpse at what a project like this can do to a town, its residents and businesses. We have begun to raise money from donations so we can receive the legal advice required to stop Mayflower Wind, a.k.a. Shell Oil, but we cannot succeed unless more residents become informed and help us fight the fight so that the cables required for this project land at an appropriate area. FHMNA is not opposed to wind generated clean energy when it is installed appropriately with consideration shown towards densely populated areas.

We ask you to spend some time looking at our website FHMNA.org and studying what has been happening often behind the scene for too long. We are currently engaging the leadership of our town to host more public forums and partner with our efforts to keep us informed as to the decisions being made to seal a deal that once completed will deny us the right to fight back. If we grow in number, the residents can prevail, but it will take more involvement from an educated constituency . Please consider joining our challenge and organization.

Sincerely yours,

FHMNA Board of Directors