Help us STOP Mayflower Wind Going Through Falmouth Neighborhoods

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Help us STOP Mayflower Wind Going Through Our Neighborhoods
Wednesday, June 8 at 6:00 p.m.
Lawrence School Auditorium

The Town of Falmouth Board of Selectmen will host a public forum regarding the proposed onboarding of industrial sized electrical cables under Falmouth Heights Beach and through our neighborhoods.

This mammoth operation has many irreversible consequences that will negatively impact the taxpayers of our town. Come hear the issues, ask questions, let your voice be heard in opposition to Mayflower’s plan.

Your attendance is requested and imperative.

Membership to the Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association is not required to attend. Pass the word and bring along a concerned neighbor and/or friend.

This is an in-person meeting, not a ZOOM meeting, which can be attended at Town Hall, viewed in real time on FCTV Comcast Channel 15, streamed live on FCTV, or viewed in a few days on FCTV Video on Demand. FCTV often repeats meetings for a few days after a meeting. Check their government channel programming schedule.

Any comments should be emailed to the Select Board immediately.