Wind Energy & Outfall Pipe Update: Planning Board, April Town Meeting, Water Quality Management Committee & Save Greater Dowses Beach Summit 1/27

Just to briefly bring you up to date, FHMNA President Dave Buzanoski recently attended 2 Falmouth committee meetings and will be speaking at the Wind Summit in Hyannis on Jan 27th. Here’s a brief overview:

Falmouth Planning Board meeting 1/9/24

The Planning Board is currently preparing warrants for the Town Meeting in April which will alter, we believe, 7 town by-law articles. The one which in particular drew our attention was: Amend Section 240-9.8 to add the definitions for wind energy systems.

A number of emails had been circulated prior to this meeting suggesting that the town was going to make significant changes to this section and that we should be on alert. FHMNA Director Greg Mazmanian visited Town Hall and spoke with the Planning Board and was assured that no content changes were being made and that only administrative and organizational changes were being made.

President Dave Buzanoski attended the meeting on 1/9/24 just to make sure there were not any surprises. Falmouth resident David Moriarty spoke first and very directly inquired whether the Planning Board was proposing any wording changes to the Wind Energy Systems by-law. Mr. Moriarty was directly/publicly informed that no content changes were being proposed and that the only amendment was that the already existing definitions were being relocated to a more appropriate section and that they may also be re-alphabetized.

Dave then had the opportunity to speak and re-verified what Mr. Moriarty had been told and was satisfied that no content changes were being made. Dave further reconfirmed that all warrant amendments would specifically go to the Town Meeting for approval and thereafter submitted to the state for approval.

The warrants will be published in advance for public review.

The Falmouth Enterprise phoned Dave the next morning asking about the comments made at the meeting and asked if he was satisfied with the response obtained, which he confirmed.

The Falmouth Enterprise also published an article on 1/12/24, pages 1 & 12 which can be read online, “Public Alarmed By Misinterpretation About Wind Bylaw Article”.

Water Quality Management Committee meeting 1/10/24

The WQMC agenda for this meeting included an item which drew our interest: 4. Discussion on potential conflict of outfall and power routing.

As we know, the issue of a sewer Outfall Pipe into Vineyard Sound via Falmouth Heights at
the Kite Park is in the planning stage. Due to the time required for approvals, funding and permitting, WQMC has some concern that another project (such as wind power cables) might compete for the preferred location and they may lose the opportunity. The discussion was very brief and after stating the foregoing they said they would like to see the town place their intended Outfall Pipe routing on a town GIS (Geographic Information System) map for Falmouth, thereby, in a way, reserving the location for this project .

Save Greater Dowses Beach “Close to the Wind” Summit 1/27/24 (1 PM – 5 PM)

This event is taking shape and the Save Greater Dowses Beach group is apparently doing a fine job in organizing same, and they advise: “Interest in the event is growing among elected officials and the media, which is great given that the point of holding this gathering is to give voice to citizens’ groups about ocean industrialization, and second, to make sure those voices are heard loud and clear — and, hopefully — listened to!” “Our groups all share serious concerns about ocean wind farms, but also hold stated positions that range from “no, not ever!” to “sure, but not the way you’re doing it.” Unlike the gaslighting and constant belittling we get from the developers, we will collaborate with open minds and mutual respect on January 27.”

The event is now scheduled an hour longer than originally planned (now 1pm to 5pm). The original 3 hours did not allow for a break, audience questions and comments, and adequate time for each presenter.

FHMNA President Dave Buzanoski will be a guest speaker and will address the SouthCoast Wind project targeting Falmouth Heights and our association’s concerns and opposition.

Here is the most recent Summit event flyer.