Helmis Circle 40B Update

As reported at the FHMNA Annual Meeting on 8/3/2019, neighbors of Helmis Circle have initiated a lawsuit against the Little Pond Village construction. The lawsuit court date is in September, 2020. No building can take place until the court rules. See the Enterprise article, “A Long Road Ahead for Plaintiffs in Chapter 40B Lawsuit“, published …

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Google Alerts – Maravista Yellow Barriers

We are now receiving Google Alerts for any news concerning our focus area (Heights and Maravista) and will pass on this information directly to you. Here’s our first. The next Alerts will come to you as we receive them. Falmouth Heights Maravista Neighborhood Association Daily update ⋅ July 3, 2019 NEWS Speed Test Planned, Barriers …

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Beach Department website, parking lot status

Much more information, including News Flash status of each beach parking lot is available on the Beach Department town website page. Example: it is now 6/30/19 10:15am and as of 9:50am this morning all beach parkinig lots had available spaces. It is unclear how often this information is posted. Beach Sticker Sales The Ellen T. …

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Our beaches are officially open for the season!

We love our beaches and wish for fine weather all summer! Last season, the lifeguards were well trained to handle all situations and there were very few problems at either Bristol or the Heights beaches. However, if anyone has any issues with the beaches, first **notify the lifeguard(s)** and, if still not satisfied, **call the …

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LPSSA Update

The Enterprise reported on Friday 5/31/19 that most homes are connected in the little pond sewer service area. As of the 31st, only 10 properties either were not connected or had not given the town a contract to be connected.

Successful 3rd Annual Clean Up Day!

  (On the Home Page, click on “Read More” to view photos. When it opens, scroll down to view more photos.) Once again, Mary Jo Bradley, volunteer organizer, and her team (FHMNA Board member Dave Buzanowski and volunteer Greg Mazmanian), put together a successful cleanup day in the Heights and Maravista. Over 40 people volunteered.  …

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Black Dog Receives Liquor License

On Monday, May 20, 2019, after hearing a short presentation from the Black Dog Heights Café’s attorney, Kevin Klauer, the Board of Selectmen approved the request for an all alcohol liquor license. Atty. Klauer noted the following: 1. The café seats 14 inside; 35 outside. 2. There is no bar area, in or out. 3. …

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