Great Pond – Call the Conservation Commission at 508-495-7445 to ask when/if you need to move your small craft.

On July 12, 2019, regarding removal of small water craft from Great Pond, the Enterprise Editorial  “Small Craft and Wetlands” printed that the “First step will be to post signs. Next step will be boater education before further enforcement actions are taken.” If you have a small craft in Great Pond, call the Conservation Commission at 508-495-7445 to ask when/if you need to remove it from the water.

At the July 8, 2019 Selectman’s meeting, the Conservation Commission announced they would be posting signs at the banks of Great Pond at the end of Irving, Boston, Fenton and possibly other locations barring dinghys and kayaks from the banks of the pond. This is part of a program designed to protect the grass on the banks. There were previous town efforts in 1990 regarding the same issue in West Falmouth Harbor.

The Conservation Administrator told one of our members that she and the Harbor Master will be visiting surrounding towns next week to see how they are handling this issue. Boat racks along the shore would be one solution.

Also see the Falmouth Enterprise 7/12/19 printed article on page 4, “Small Craft Damaging Sensitive Wetlands” and the 7/14/19 online article “Signs Going Up to Prevent Boat Storage in Falmouth Salt Marshes”.

Please address any comments, concerns or questions to either the Board of Selectmen or the Conservation Commission