Black Dog Receives Liquor License

On Monday, May 20, 2019, after hearing a short presentation from the Black Dog Heights Café’s attorney, Kevin Klauer, the Board of Selectmen approved the request for an all alcohol liquor license.

Atty. Klauer noted the following:

1. The café seats 14 inside; 35 outside.
2. There is no bar area, in or out.
3. Any alcohol will be picked up at the inside ordering area and be served only with food, as an amenity to the customers.
4. The café will be open 6:30 AM until dusk, as there is no adequate outdoor lighting.
5. The owner’s do not plan to operate as a bar or nightclub.

The Selectmen received some letters in support of the license. There was no support nor opposition offered at the meeting.

See FCTV to watch the meeting (scroll to 35:45 through 40:20).