Illegal Parking in the Heights (Grand Ave.; the Kite Field; Properties zoned RC; Sopranos; and the BBC)

Grand Avenue

There is a section of Grand Avenue south of MacDougall’s down to the corner of Vernon and Grand where people often park illegally. A solid white line separates the road from the sidewalk, but visually, the sidewalk looks like part of the road (or parking along the road) because it is made from blacktop and has no curb. When vehicles park on the sidewalk, walkers and runners are often forced to enter the roadway and/or cars travelling south must cross over into the north-bound lane. This can be dangerous and at least one person has been hit by a car in the past few years, resulting in minor injuries with a hospital visit and lengthy rehab.

Parking on Grand Avenue is illegal, but many people park there to frequent the local restaurant and attend church. A few years ago, St. Thomas Chapel converted some of their lawn to a parking area to accommodate limousines for events, and recently the Black Dog Heights Cafe has arranged for 10 additional parking spaces at the Carpet Barn warehouse lot on Chapel Park Avenue and at the Falmouth Heights Motor Lodge up the street. This has helped alleviate some of the in-season congestion.

The existing No Parking signs on utility poles in this area cannot be replaced. “No Parking” signs now must be installed on their own post, not on a utility pole.

The Traffic Advisory Committee met on 7/15/19 and made the following  recommendations:
1) to install two No Parking signs on the section of Grand Avenue which has no curb;
2) to continue police enforcement of no parking areas on Grand Ave and the surrounding narrow side streets.

Minutes of this meeting should be available in about 10 days.

If you want to report an illegally parked vehicle:
Call the police at 774-255-4527 extension 0. Please do not complain directly to the restaurant, bicycle shop or church. The responsibility to uphold the law belongs only to the police.

To replace an existing sign or request a new sign:
Existing signs which need to be replaced can be requested through the DPW, James Grady, Highway Superintendent, 508-457-2543, New signs must be requested through the Traffic Advisory Committee. (Paula add link)

The Kite Field

It is illegal to park on the Kite Field. If you see anyone parked there and would like to make a complaint, call the police at 774-255-4527 extension 0. An officer will be dispatched to give out tickets. DO NOT leave a message on any other extension, especially on a weekend when any message may not be picked up until Monday.

In July of 2018, some renters of a local home held a large event and the guests parked many cars on the Kite Field. The owners of the home have been notified that this is illegal.

Properties zoned RC

It is illegal for an owner of a property zoned RC to rent parking spaces to the general public for a fee. This would be considered a commercial use of a residential property. To make a complaint to Inspectional Services, send or email this complaint form from the town website to Rod Palmer, the Zoning Enforcement Officer at, who should respond within 30 days.

To find out the zoning of a particular property, click here, type in the street name, scroll to the number of the street, click on the “Parcel ID” (left hand column) and see the zoning under “Current Property Mailing Address”.

Soprano’s ‘Beach Parking’ Signs

In response to a number of inquiries we have received about Soprano’s Casino by the Sea advertising Beach Parking for $20, 9am – 3pm, via a sandwich board located at the entrance of their parking lot on Central Park Avenue, we have the following information to offer:

The Special Permit issued to this property when it was built included parking under the building for residents and restaurant patrons and parking in the lot for restaurant patrons but is not specific about any ability to offer parking to beach-goers for a fee.

If you have concerns about this, you may submit a formal complaint to Inspectional Services using this form which you may deliver to Town Hall Building Department or email to Rod Palmer, the Zoning Enforcement Officer at, who should respond within 30 days. If you do so, please inform FHMNA of any response by copying us at

British Beer Company (BBC)

The BBC is no longer contracting with the owners of the parking lot at the corner of  Falmouth Heights Road and Grand Ave for parking spaces for BBC employees, meaning the employees must find parking elsewhere. This adds to the congestion of the area and may not comply with the BBC’s Special Permit through the Zoning Board. We will inform you of any further information as it becomes available.

If you have concerns about this, please follow the instructions above regarding the complaint form to Inspectional Services.