Recent News Published By The Enterprise

In the past few weeks, the Falmouth Enterprise has published some articles of interest regarding the Heights and Maravista.  In case you don’t subscribe, here are the links:

“Off-Season Parking Regulations In Effect” (Heights Beach area)
Falmouth Enterprise Article, 11/25/16, p. 14

“Give Credit Where Credit Is Due” (septic tax credit information researched by Ed Brablc, Heights resident and member of FHMNA)
Letter to the Editor from Rosemary Walus, Hawthorne Court
Falmouth Enterprise Letters, 11/25/16, p. 5—letter/article_effb3bfa-47eb-586b-91b1-6eccc7d26b7d.html

“Steps Toward A Beepless Community” – Editorial (support for white noise “silent” vehicle back-up beepers)
Falmouth Enterprise Editorial, 12/2/2016, p. 4—editorial/article_802186a2-339f-5009-8c48-4deff90381a9.html

“Maravista On Track For Spring Sewer Hookups”
Falmouth Enterprise article, 12/2/2016, p. 6