Maravista Avenue Status

The following Information was provided by Amy Lowell, Wastewater Superintendent, ph:  (508) 457-2543 x 3018, email:

At the end of October, 2016, the Town’s LPSSA Contractor Robert B. Our Company completed the installation of all sewer mains in the LPSSA project area.  Sewer lateral installation and drainage basin installation will be completed next week (the week of November 16th).   However, a number of other items, including various types of testing and records transfer, need to be
completed before the remaining sewers (outside of Falmouth Heights) are made available for connection.  A letter will be sent to all applicable property owners when the remaining portions of the LPSSA sewer system are available for connection.  It is expected that that letter will be sent this winter, and that property owners will have one year from receipt of the letter to
connect to the sewer.

Q:  When Maravista will be paved?
A:  Maravista Avenue will be paved in the Spring of 2017. This is to allow sufficient time for settlement before final paving.

Q:  How completely it will be paved?
A:  Maravista Avenue will be paved full-width from Mattapan Street to the southern end of the peninsula.

Q:  What will be done to repair the sidewalk and make it passable again?
A:  We are currently evaluating the appropriate extent of sidewalk repair.  The LPSSA project contract does not include sidewalk reconstruction.  The pre-existing sidewalk was a number of years old and was not in great condition; the Department of Works envisions a future Maravista sidewalk reconstruction project. However, the LPSSA Contractor will need to do some sidewalk restoration in areas where project work and/or equipment storage damaged the sidewalk.

Q:  Storm drains – we know from the LPSSA website that 22 drains were added – what does this mean to the neighborhood. We know it’s a positive thing and want to announce it as such.
A:  Approximately 35 catch basins are being installed on the Maravista peninsula.  They are being installed primarily at intersections, though a few are being installed on side roads to reduce or eliminate flow to existing stormwater outfalls. Installation of these catch basins, along with grading/final paving of Maravista Avenue to take place in the spring, will significantly improve stormwater drainage on Maravista Avenue, reducing puddling and runoff.