Sewer Hookup Completed on Amherst Ave

FHMNA member Jerry Potamis has completed his sewer hookup on Amherst Ave, Falmouth Heights and has shared the following information with us all.

We hope that these details are useful to you.  (Disclaimer – your line items may be the same, but remember – all properties are unique.)

Initial Estimate by homeowner Final Contract Price
Septic Abandonment $1,000 inc. as lump sum
Electrical $500 $300 (est max)
Plumbing $1,000 inc. as lump sum
Excavator/Pump installer $1,500 inc. as lump sum
TOTAL (no landscaping) $4.000 $3,900.00


Notes and advice from Jerry:

“I chose to re-rout plumbing in the crawl space from the rear of house exit (back yard) to new front of the house exit.  Trench excavation was reduced to 15 feet to the lateral.  Paid more for the plumber for the re-routing, but less to excavator because of the reduced length of trench required.  Reduced the re-landscaping required as well.

My electrical work was straightforward. I had enough room in the existing electrical panel to add the pump’s circuit breaker.  If you need a new panel and/or your panel is on the second floor electrical price will be higher.

My excavator is also septic hauler. Septic tank abandonment included pumping, sand filling and all associated labor. Cesspools should be less expensive to abandon.

All my work was coordinated by the excavator. All trade professionals came to my property for accurate estimates (A&K Excavators, Bennett Plumbing & Fender Electrical were my contractors).

All tradespeople attended the E-One training class.

Get 3 quotes and ask for a line item breakdown if costs are off by greater than 10%.

No noise or odor issues after 5 full days of operation.”