Member Comments, 2022 Asics Falmouth Road Race

Member’s street addresses provided

Worcester Court – No one parked on Worcester Court and I did not have people stopping to ask to park on our lawn; the traffic congestions during and after the race was minimal – a very pleasant experience compared to previous years.

Central Park Court – Congratulations to the event organizers and volunteers, runners, spectators & everyone present for the 50th seemed to enjoy themselves. The neighborhood was spotless by early Monday morning. Well done!

Lake Leaman Road – I have to say for the times during the day that I popped into my house, Lake Leaman Road was not only calm but the next morning while walking I only picked up 1 piece of trash Even the overall traffic leaving after the race was not very noisy.

Worcester Avenue – This year’s race set-up, the actual event, and post race tear down was awesome. The set up was done in expected hours of the day, it was not too early and did not run late. They were respectful toward the neighborhood. The race itself was organized and the police did a great job organizing street closures, directing automobile and pedestrian traffic and being courteous/attentive to individuals’ needs. Post race was awesome; the tear down was efficient and timely. There was minimal work left for Monday. I appreciate all the work that went into setting and running this event.

Hiawatha Street – I had 30 runners running for We Beat Cancer and this years’ race was phenomenal – it was so well run and within hours after the race the clean up was unbelievable. The weekend brings in so much revenue to this fabulous town that the little hiccups of traffic is just so minimal. Thank you Falmouth for hosting such a great weekend.

Mayflower Street – Not enough water at the end of the race. It was sinful that the most desperate runners received no fresh water at the finish line. I was helping to distribute water and could tell at the beginning that we did not have enough water compare to previous year.

Alma Road – I thought the race was well run, as usual. Everyone I talked to had nothing but good things to say about the operation.

Worcester Court – The portable toilets on the beach were overflowed. There were several other portable toilets set up all over the place. Visitors still tried to park anywhere on Worcester Court. Police should not allow cars to go beyond Jericho unless residents.

Lucerne Avenue – The entire event had no adverse impact on us. Kudos to all organizers.

Worcester Avenue – The buses in front of my house is a problem. I have asked in the past for the drivers to get out of their bus and shut the engine off for the fumes comes into my house every time and fill my house up. I unfortunately cannot stay in m own home on race day because of this; very frustrating to say the least but also very unhealthy. I have had lung surgery this past June and in recovery. I would like to see the buses lining up on the corner of Grand and Worcester and get called to come pick up the runners.

Worcester Court – Drivers parked along the lawns of homes on Worcester Court. Some of us have sprinklers along the edge of our lawns that must be repaired each season. Perhaps we can mark off the front lawns. No other comments as I feel everyone works hard to make this a great town event and all seemed to go smoothly as usual.

Young Road – My overall feelings are that this HUGE event was well run and I do not know of any problems. I am a fan of the Road Race; runner and volunteer. I walked down to the ball field late Saturday to watch things being put in place. All I can say is Wow. Sure there is traffic, but if people pay attention to the information that is passed on, you should understand and expect small inconvenience that passes very quickly. Praise the Falmouth Road Race Committee for a job well done. Can’t wait for next year.

Mass Court – Great job by race workers and runners. A lively event that we feel so lucky to be a part of.

Worcester Court – I think the race was extremely well run. There are some improvements to consider: First, parking along Worcester Court is extremely confusing to people which calls for better communication. Several buses were driving the wrong way down Worcester Court creating both traffic jams and confusion. Finally volunteers on bikes ahead of the wheel chairs were awful. They road by fast while yelling at the crowd having no effect other than to annoy. Their purpose is good but their attitude an execution was embarrassing.

Worcester Ave – The race was well managed and in good order.

Harbor Ave – I thought it went really well.

Crescent Ave – Race was well managed. Appreciate the fast and thorough clean up.

Resident’s address not provided – One of the best Road Race events, I thought the Road Race committee did a great job of setting up and quickly breaking down the equipment needed for the race. Also the DPW continues to do a great job. By Sunday at 5 pm, the area was cleaned out; people, equipment and trash. Monday was like there never was a road race. I believe the reason for this great event was limiting the number of runners to 10,000. The additional 2,800 runner would have added 7,000 people to the park and many additional cars. The only noise in the area on Sunday came from Shipwrecked. It was a great weekend.

Resident’s address not provided – Wonderful finish line garden.