Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) Report Regarding Questions of Interest to FHMNA Members

Highlights from the 9/19/2022 Traffic Advisory Committee meeting, pertinent to FHMNA members, as reported by Frank Rizzotti, our newly appointed Liaison to the TAC:

1. The Acting Town Manager approved the TAC recommendation to install a stop sign at the intersection of Russell and Falmouth Heights Road. A request will be forwarded to the DPW.

2. The Acting Town Manager approved, but gave a low priority, to moving the “Dead End” sign forward and trimming the surrounding foliage at Randolph Street and Maravista.

3. There was a discussion on an email to Officer Porter (Chair of the TAC) from a resident concerning speeding on Maravista Ave at Randolph St. Officer Porter will follow up with the resident on the specifics of the concern.

4. Officer Porter will stop by the Island Queen today to recommend they distribute handouts to tour bus companies regarding their use of Grand Ave North at the end of Falmouth Heights Rd. Barbara Pratt (Municipal Hearing Officer) recalled that this is how the concern was handled in the past. Findings will be reported back to TAC after the next meeting, and TAC will continue to recommend signage at Grand Ave prohibiting tour bus traffic.