Little Pond Informational Meeting 5/12 and links to information re. voting Yes or No on Ballot Question 1, May 20 2014

On Monday, May 12, 2014, 7:00 PM, the Town of Falmouth will hold an Informational Meeting on the Falmouth Comprehensive Wastewater Management Plan / Little Pond Wastewater Expansion Project at the Teaticket Elementary School, Café, 45 Maravista Avenue. “The purpose of this meeting is to inform the community, particularly the residents of the Little Pond Service Area about the next steps for the project, the anticipated project schedule, and to review the impacts/benefits to residents in the service area. Brief presentations will be followed by a question and answer period.” (from Town website).    (See Falmouth Enterprise article 5/16/14, page 1 & 16:  “Residents Turn Out To Question Town Offi cials On Sewer System”).

Recently, we have forwarded a lot of information to our Email Members generated by the Town and organizations on both sides of the issue.  This information may be incomplete.   We encourage you to do your own research on this most important issue impacting our community.

The FHMIA Board takes no position on the Town Ballot Questions.

However, we have combined everything we have received into one list to want to make it available to everyone, not just our email members.  Please share our website address with anyone you think might want to see the following:

5/7/2014:  Informational Meeting May 12 2014 (Town announcement)

5/6/2014:  Falmouth WasteWater Dept. information and maps :

5/6/2014:  Landuse Map

5/6/2014:  SYSTEM MAP-REV 5-2014 24X36 emailed May 6 2014

5/6/2014:  Betterments EX Summary Powerpoint Presentation (PowerPoint presentation) (Town information)

5/5/2014:  Plan B:  Vote NO on Question 1  (from Plan B Committe, Janet Kluever, Chair andPeter Waasdorp, Treasurer)

5/3/2014:  Board of Selectmen Mtg May 5 and Teaticket Civic Assoc note

To watch the BOS meeting on FCTV: and

4/30/2014:  FHMIA caveat to FACES Vote YES 

4/22/2014:  FACES: vote YES on Question 1  (   Falmouth Associations Concerned with Estuaries)

3/18/2014:  Citizens Forum (Water Quality Management Committee announcement)

2/1/2014:  Water Quality Management Com. Meeting (WQMC announcement)

To watch 2/6 meeting on FCTV:

12/14/13:  Cape Cod Commission Requests Input

See also two earlier FHMIA  and Enterprise articles:

1) (posted 10/21/2013)

2)  (posted 8/9/2013)

3) “Vote Yes On Question 1” by Virginia Valiela, Falmouth Enterprise, 5/9/14, page 5.

4) “Legislation Gives Owners Of Eco-Toilets Relief From Sewer Beterments”, Falmouth Enterprise, 4/25/14, page 7.