Finiancial Help for Homeowners (of the Little Pond Service Area)

Please see the partial conversation below between Ron Zweig of theĀ  WQMC and Trish Favulli, Falmouth Director of Assessing re. interest rate on deferred betterments.

This is the link to the Town Fact Sheet 05-12-2014 Finiancial Help for Homeowners (of the Little Pond Service Area)


From: Ron Zweig []
Sent: Tuesday, May 13, 2014 9:25 AM

I attended the town briefing on the sewer system planned for the Little Pond area at Teaticket School yesterday evening.Ā  A question was raised by a resident over theĀ interest rate for deferred betterment payments allowed for qualifying seniors per the Falmouth bylaw.Ā  In response,Ā it was stated thatĀ the interest rate for deferred payments would likely be 0% — not the 8% we discussed yesterday.Ā  The likely 0% rate isĀ also noted in a document distributed at the meeting.Ā  It is attached.Ā  Please see point 2 underĀ  “Financial Help for Homeowners – May 12, 2014” where it isĀ also written. Please advise if my understanding is correct about the 8% rate versus what is noted in point 2 for interest on deferred betterment payments.

From: Trish Favulli <>
Date: Tue, May 13, 2014 at 9:53 AM

The legislative body may vote to assess the betterment at a lower rate. Per MGLAt this point they have not made that vote. If it was to go in effect today the rate for deferral on taxes would be 8%, the deferral on the sewer betterment would be 5%. Per MGL.Ā  I would expect that they have spoken to the Board regarding the possibility of the 0% rate on the deferral.