Helmis Circle 40B, 10/15/20, ZBA to Require Public Hearing

ZBA Agenda: “Board Administrative Approval – Request for Insubstantial Change RE: Helmis Circle, LLC – Little Pond Village at Falmouth Heights (#090-17) Modifications to previously approved plans.”

Decision: The ZBA voted unanimously that the modifications are substantial, not insubstantial, and therefore this request requires a public hearing (e.g. one of the conditions of the original approval was the elimination of the garages; the new design now includes 22 garages).

The developer’s 24-page package submitted for this meeting,
Helmis Cir-Notice of Project Change 15 Oct 2020, shows the proposed design changes including revised drawings and site plans.

Minutes from the meeting have not yet been posted.

The FCTV Video on Demand meeting also is not yet available. Click on this link in a few days and scroll to about 2.5 hours into the meeting for the 10 minute discussion which took place around 9PM.