HELMIS CIRCLE 40B Plans to be reviewed by the Zoning Board on Dec. 3, 2020

REMINDER: The Helmis Circle 40B continued Zoning Board of Appeals Hearing is coming up. It is last on the agenda, so although the meeting starts at 6:30, expect to watch this at least a few hours later.

Falmouth Zoning Board of Appeals
December 3, 2020

063-20 Helmis Circle, LLC: Applied to the Zoning Board of Appeals for a modification of comprehensive permit #090-17 pursuant to MGL chapter 40B to allow modifications to previously approved plans. The subject properties are seven (7) vacant lots located off Worcester Court and Helmis Circle, Falmouth, MA. Map 39 Section 16 Parcel 001A Lot(s) 003,004,005,006, & 007 – Helmis Circle Map 39 Section 16 Parcel001A Lot(s) 009 &010 – Worcester Court Map 39 Section 17 Parcel 002 Lot(s) 016 – Helmis Circle

You can either email the ZBA with your comments or questions at least 6 hours before the meeting, or during the meeting you can submit a written comment or question to the ZBA by following their “instructions to participate via Zoom”.

Also see FHMNA other articles on this subject at fhmna.org beginning December 14, 2017 but especially the latest article posted on October 18, 2020 when the developers presented their current request for changes.