Road Race 8/17/14: Host Families Needed for Wheelchair Participants and Other Race Information

This year, August 17th, will be the 42nd running of the Falmouth New Balance Road Race, and the 40th running of the wheelchair division.  Runners will start at 9 AM, wheelchairs at 8:40 AM.  To celebrate, the wheelchair division plans to have more athletes and special guests, many who will require accessible rooms.  They are offering the option of staying with host families in Falmouth who have wheelchair accessible homes.

Athletes come to town either Thursday, Friday or Saturday and stay until either Sunday or Monday, depending on travel plans.

If you are interested in hosting a runner and/or guest, please contact Jennifer Edwards, Race Relations Manager, at her office: 508.540.7000, on her cell: 774.238.8065, or by email at

Typically the host family drives the athletes to and from events, which means an early morning drive to the Falmouth Inn, from which organizers bus participants to Woods Hole.  However, if you are unable to provide transportation, the road race organizers will take it as a case-by-case basis and may be able to provide pickup on the way to the Falmouth Inn.

Other notes from the Falmouth New Balance Road Race 6/9/14 meeting from our FHMIA Road Race Liaison (Board Member Gerry Ryan):

  • Board updates
    • $38,500 grants committee to Falmouth non-profits this year
    • 11 scholarships at $2,500 given to Falmouth High School Seniors this year
      • 9 Falmouth High School students
      • 1 Sturgis Charter (student lives in Falmouth)
      • 1 Sandwich High School (student lives in Falmouth
      • Even though Community Field was voted down, the Community Field committee is still plugging and Falmouth Road Race’s commitment still stands at $500,000 toward the field.
  • Race
    • Most applicants ever
    • had to turn away 5,200 from the lottery
    • 1,700 volunteers signed up
    • Total of 27 sponsors
    • reminder of 9 am start
    • Medical
      • looking for 160 medically trained volunteers
      • interviews are happening now
      • 50-60 cots in the medical tent at end of finish line
    • Security
      • sound security program
      • no bags allowed on the ball field
      • Primary command station is FPD
      • Secondary command station is FYC
    • Volunteer team captains met with the heads for a round table.

Good luck to all participants!