Conservation Commission Wed. 4/24, 7 PM: Outfall Pipe – review test borings on Kite Park for Ocean Wastewater Outfall Pipe

Amy Lowell, Town of Falmouth, Nantucket Sound and 0 Grand Avenue (Map/parcel: 46B-03-003- 000), Falmouth, MA – For permission to conduct seven geotechnical test borings.
Read the 15 page application here: Grand Ave & Nantucket Sound (TOF Wastewater) RDA Submittal 04 10 2024

The FCC is scheduled to hear a “Request for Determination of Applicability” from Amy Lowell, the Falmouth Wastewater Superintendent for permission to conduct seven (7) geotechnical test borings for Nantucket Sound and 0 Grand Avenue (map/parcel: 46B-03-003-000), which we believe is the Kite Park parcel. The purpose of these test borings is to determine the suitability of this site for the proposed wastewater Outfall Pipe into Nantucket Sound. Six of the test borings will be in the water offshore, the furthest about 3000 feet offshore, and the seventh will be in the Kite Park field parcel.

Notice of this meeting was printed in the Falmouth Enterprise April 12, 2024 edition on page 7, Municipal Legal Notices.

The public hearing will be conducted via Zoom virtual meeting software and will be televised on Falmouth Community Television (FCTV Government Channel 9).

If members have any specific questions or comments relative to this proposal, this Zoom meeting provides a perfect opportunity.

Zoom login instructions and how to participate can be found by clicking here

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Methods of participation:

  1. Real-time public comments can be made during the Zoom meeting utilizing the Zoom virtual meeting software for remote access.
  2. Text comments can be submitted by utilizing the Chat function and will be read into the record at appropriate points during the meeting.
  3. Written comments can be submitted in advance at least 5 hours prior to the meeting by emailing

FHMNA has endeavored to keep our members apprised of the Town’s proposal to construct a wastewater outfall pipe into Nantucket Sound, and a detailed presentation of same was presented at the 2023 FHMNA annual meeting by the Water Quality Management Committee (WQMC) chairman Steve Rafferty.  This FCC Zoom meeting and the request for test boring is the next step in the progression of this proposal.