Craigville Beach Rally, 4/20/24, 11am – 1pm

As part of FHMNA’s coalition participation with Barnstable in objecting to wind developers’ cables being routed through our respective residential communities, we have been invited to attend a rally at Craigville Beach on April 20, 2024 from 11am to 1pm.

The host, “Barnstable Speaks”, has lined up 5 speakers to discuss such matters as:

–¬† home rule

–¬† new CEISP¬†(Commission of Energy Infrastructure Siting¬†and Permitting)

–¬† land, and groundwater protection

–¬† protecting the fishermen from off shore wind

They may also have a member from the Aquinnah Wampanoag tribe.

There will be food, a band, and flatbed pickup truck for speakers.

FHMNA has been invited to attend and to network with other grassroots, citizen groups such as ours fighting causes on Cape Cod and beyond.

The host has hired a drone for aerial footage and has contacted several newspapers and media outlets for coverage.

Also, see the Barnstable Speaks website post: ‚ÄúSTOP THE INDUSTRIALIZATION OF BARNSTABLE‚ÄĚ.

If anyone has any questions about the rally, they can contact :

Sandy Jones / Barnstable Speaks

Cell 508-272-6933