2019 Road Race: Comments from FHMNA Members

Toledo Street
This was my 12th (almost) consecutive year running FRR. To me it seemed it was one of the best organized FRR races: Buses worked very well. Plenty of water stops. Security at finish line allowed easy access to beach for runners. Recycling/trash pickup was phenomenal, especially around the ballfield.

Hats off to organizers/volunteers!

Milton Street
I think the race was well run as always. My only suggestion is that there should be a phone number available for spectators or runners to call in an emergency. There were two runners in need of medical help and people were screaming down the road for EMTs who were far away and looking in the other direction. It took several minutes to get a golf cart to them. Also, posting a phone number along the route for a scoop-up ride if you can’t finish. I didn’t see many police officers along Grand Ave and if we needed to report suspicious activity what would we do? I have volunteered for years at the Boston Marathon and there are many volunteers with walkie-talkies along the route and a phone number for volunteers to call.

Also, many runners were without cell service on the field and in a panic trying to reach family. So a stronger reminder that this can happen and to have a good back up plan. ?
Otherwise, as always, it was an amazing event. So organized and well run. Thank you.

Harbor Avenue
I think they all did a wonderful job. It was even better this year. They started early setting up, Friday morning, but as usual they clean up so fast, you would never know they had a race here.

Young Road
Unfortunately I had to work that day at the Queen……but what I saw as a problem was: At 7:30 am just before Robbins Road on Falmouth Heights Road when I went to work there was a truck blocking traffic from getting on the course….all good.

But, well after the race, on Falmouth Heights Road, was the same truck not allowing cars to go all the way to Route 28 but directing them up Robbins Road….to Scranton. It was like a parking lot in front of the ticket office, almost back to the water.

Someone did not get the message to “release” the check point.

Worcester Court
Well run event. Went up quick, cleaned up just as fast. A credit to all who work to put it on. Congratulations!

Deacons Avenue
Great band at Holiday Cycles! The FCTV sound was much better this year. I could hear almost everything, except the interview with the male winner; the interviewer didn’t hold the mic close enough to the winner’s mouth. Also, I’m sure you are aware that there was a very annoying clapping sound about twice every second throughout.

Tents: there was a tent erected over the sidewalk on Worcester Ct. on Friday which impeded walkers going to the beach on Saturday. I have spoken with the organizers who have put this on their list for next year and have assured me that it won’t happen again.

Chestnut Street
We thought the FRR was well run and want to compliment the organization as well as the community spirit that supports it!

Worcester Court
Overall I believe the race went well and was well run.

However the parking in Worcester Ct in both directions was a mess. Many cars were well over the white line on the road. This disrupted at least three ambulances who couldn’t get through and were forced to drive over the curb on the Central parkway to get around cars blocking the road due to parking illegally. In most cases these were not home owners/renters cars or their friends but rather people who parked early on someone’s property and walked away. I believe either Worcester Ct should be closed or police should actively patrol and ticket as people are parking. Not having a way for emergency vehicles to get through is going to lead to a disaster that can be avoided.

Worcester Avenue
I believe it was very well run, organized and fun.

Miami Avenue
Kudos!! Very well organized and clean up was very fast.
Observation…some streets in the heights, particularly Central Park Ave and Ct, were jammed with cars driving in and out as pedestrians were trying to leave the ball-field.

Elysian Avenue
As a long-time Falmouth Road Race Benefactor and participant, I thank all for the hard work that went into this wonderful event. I also thank the great people of Falmouth for their cheering, good humor, and support of this event that takes over our beloved town for a few days. Even the hot, humid weather did not dampen spirits!

Little Rock Avenue
My concern on Road Race day was the over parking conditions in Falmouth Heights.

I was out in the Central Park Ct and Little Rock Ave on Race Day and it was total grid lock. Two years ago there was traffic roadblocks on the corner of Central Park Ct and Jericho, but for some unexplained reason this road closure at Jericho no longer exists. Central Park Ct is a narrow two lane road that goes to the beach, and has no sidewalks. The road has no parking signs on both sides. On Road Race Day, cars parked on both sides of road, which left only a narrow lane for one way traffic, but there was two way traffic on the road that produced total grid lock. It was further complicated with hundreds of pedestrians trying to walk to the park. Eventually cars scattered and ended parking on all the side streets off Central Park Ave. If the police or fire departments had observed the conditions in the area they would have declared a public safety emergency. There was no way an emergency vehicle could have accessed this area.

The Road Race is a major sports event and has outgrown the parking requirements for our area. I recommend we ask the Race Committee to prepare a detailed Parking Plan that includes using satellite parking lots on the outskirts of the Heights that includes parking for thousands of vehicles. Our community is too small to handle the number of vehicles that are entering our community on Road Race day. This Detailed Pan for Parking report is long overdue. Let’s request it to be done immediately.

Toledo Street
The race has become too big. It was my 21st running and my husband’s 20th. The race doesn’t have the same feel to it as when we first started running. It’s too crowded at the start and throughout the race. Too many runners stop running and walk abruptly so it becomes dangerous.

Worcester Court
As a home owner on Worcester Ct, and a first year volunteer for the race in the medical tent, I think the race went pretty well. I was impressed by not only how organized and well run the medical team was, but by the pharmacists, ATC’s, nurses and doctors as well as the ordinary citizens who volunteered their time. Many of the volunteers came from the Boston Hospitals, as well as out of state, and had been doing so for many years. Everyone had a job to do from setup to triage to release. Once the humidity started to take its toll on the runners everyone kicked into action following the well documented protocol. As sick as the runners may have been when they entered the tent, most left on their own with no ill effects.

Grand Avenue
More trash cans are needed. Not just at the field but also at some of the roads that the runners are directed to walk. There was so much trash on the ground. We picked up so much but could not find a trash can even at the field. Had to carry to our house.

Montauk Street
I volunteered at the finish line and thought everything ran smoothly.

Jericho Path
The one problem that I saw from an otherwise perfect road race event was too many cars heading toward the beach at 10am. Cars should be blocked off from Central Park and Jericho path intersection. Cars were allowed in both directions and it was not pleasant for walkers. Please correct this next year.

Hawthorne Court
Thanks so much for taking the time to collect ideas to improve this great race. I think the finish line is done exceptionally well – from all the organization to clean-up.

It is an absolute disaster getting down to the starting point though. I don’t understand how it can take 2 hours to get 3-4 miles when following protocol. It is extremely poorly organized getting to and in Woods Hole. Way too much circling around. Next year I may just walk there. It seems like every year it’s worse.

Worcester Court
I would like to congratulate you on the well-planned road race this year. The information that was put into the Falmouth Patch was so detailed that our neighborhood knew exactly what was happening and the times of the events. The new orange barriers were effective and did not seem to be too intrusive. I was also pleased to see several stretchers placed at certain areas, ready to go in case of an emergency. I was standing by the Black Dog cafe where one was needed and was also pleased to see easy access for the emergency vehicle to arrive for the runner.

The only problem I saw was the parking. Neighbors had to be vigilant to keep road race viewers from parking across driveways which need to be kept open for the residents, again, in case of an emergency. Also, some parkers were squeezed in leaving half of their cars over the driveway entrance with rear bumpers jutting out into the road, a potential hazard for all the ambulance traffic at the end of the race. I would suggest, that if the police are going to allow parking on Worcester Court, they should patrol and tow when a possible hazard is found. There must be a designated route for emergency vehicles which is left clear for the safety of all runners and visitors.

Thanks for the great race.

Dartmouth Court
I’m shocked every year by the clean-up after such a busy day! I walked around at 6:00 the following morning with the street sweepers, and was impressed. It must take great co-operation among many groups to achieve excellence. Thanks.