Selectmen Approve Grinder Pump Policy

With a 5-0 unanimous vote on Monday 5/16/16, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) approved a policy regarding the ongoing maintenance of the 700+ grinder pumps that will be installed on half of the properties in the Little Pond Sewer Service Area.

Under this policy, the Town will provide emergency power during outages (via a third party contractor) as well as repair and replacement services (also by a third party contractor). The costs of repair and replacement required as a result of improper use of the pump will be billed to the property owner.

In an effort the defray the costs associated with the installation of the pumps, the Town will also provide a one-time reimbursement at the end of the project when it will be known how much money there will be to divide among the 700+ property owners required to install these pumps.

FHMNA thanks everyone who shared their thoughts with the BOS, attended meetings, and, in general, stayed informed on this issue so that this very favorable outcome was possible. We can accomplish great things when many people speak with one voice.

FCTV’s Programming Schedule at lists Monday’s BOS meeting to be aired on FCTV (Comcast Channel 15) today, 5/18/16, at 1 PM and again 5/19/16 at 7:30 AM. The discussion took place from 10:12 PM to 10:20 PM, so if you DVR the meeting you will need to scroll forward 3 hours, 12 minutes from the beginning. The meeting should become available on FCTV Video on Demand soon.