Road Race Reminders for Sunday, 8/18/19

Information links and Worcester Ct/Ave information.

The New Balance Falmouth Road Rach starts at 9 AM in Woods Hole on Sunday 8/18/19.  You can watch it live on FCTV, Channel 13 starting at 8:30 AM.

For general information about the road race, see the official Road Race website.

For road closure information, see the Falmouth Police website events page (scroll down to the bottom of the page).

Worcester Ct/Ave traffic, safety and parking:

FHMNA Liaison to the Road Race, Gerry Ryan, has been attending the Road Race Committee meetings and has brought our concerns about safety and congestion to them. The organizers are responsible for traffic safety from Grand Ave North down to the Finish Line. The Police and Fire Departments are responsible for traffic safety and ambulance access from Grand Ave North up to Route 28.

The FRR, Police and Fire departments met this week regarding Worcester Ct/Ave issues. Their response is that “we are confident Falmouth Police and Falmouth Fire and Rescue will take appropriate steps to address any potential challenges to a safe and efficient route for rescue vehicles”.

They did ask us to remind Worcester Ave/Ct residents for their cooperation in ensuring access for possible ambulance traffic. Please tell your friends and/or family who will be parking in front of your houses to park as far off the road as possible to minimize vehicular traffic during peak finishing hours of the race, approximately 10:00 am – 11:30 AM.

Thank you and enjoy race day!