If You Have a Grinder Pump Connection: Warrantee Requirement

The memo below comes from Amy Lowell, Wastewater Superintendent, to remind you of the importance (and warrantee requirement) of getting start-up inspections scheduled and completed for grinder pump installations.

Amy notes that if you have a grinder pump connection, your plumber/contractor should contact FR Mahony, the grinder pump manufacturer’s representative, for a start-up inspection as soon as possible after the pump installation. FR Mahony will need the cooperation/assistance of the property owner to ensure access to the house for inspection. At the time of inspection, they will put a sticker with FR Mahony’s contact information on the pump control panel. But in case the homeowner wishes to contact FR Mahony directly, the FR Mahony service number is (508) 765-0051.

To: Little Pond Sewer Service Area Property Owners with Grinder Pump Connections
Date: October 17, 2017
Re: Warrantee Requirement – Start-Up Inspection by FR Mahony

Please cooperate with your sewer connection plumber/installer to complete “start-up inspection” of your grinder pump installation by FR Mahony (the pump manufacturer’s representative) as soon as possible after your sewer connection is completed.

For FR Mahony’s inspection, water is needed at the house to run the pump and access is needed to the interior of the house so that FR Mahony can inspect the electrical panel and remote sentry.

Excessive delay between pump installation and FR Mahony start-up inspection can cause problems for you, the property owner, including:

• The Town purchased 5-year warrantees for these pumps, but FR Mahony’s grinder pump warranty does not take effect until the pump installation has been inspected by FR Mahony and has passed with no deficiencies. If a property owner with an un-inspected pump calls FR Mahony for service, FR Mahony will tell the property owner that their pump is not yet under warranty (because it has not yet passed start-up inspection) and the property owner may be charged for the service visit.

• When FR Mahony conducts inspections, they may find issues that need correction. The sooner after installation any issues are identified and resolved, the better. In some cases, equipment damage can result from an installation issue that goes unaddressed for too long.

• Winter is approaching and access to seasonally unoccupied properties (and to water for pump operation) can get more difficult in the winter.

• The Wastewater Division cannot close out the LPSSA combined permit for the sewer connection until we receive an inspection report for the property stating that installation has passed with no deficiencies. If you have had an installation inspected and the inspection report identified deficiencies, please work with your plumber/installer to address those deficiencies as soon as possible and facilitate re-inspection by FR Mahony if required.

Thank you for your assistance with this final step to ensure that your sewer connection was completed properly and that the equipment provided to you by the Town is in good condition.