LPSSA Betterment Decrease, Flood Insurance Discounts, Water Pipe System, & Elysian Ave. Stop Sign

The betterment cost for owners of properties being hooked up to the new sewer system is now set at $13,054.02 per SEU, down from the 2014 estimate of $16,000. Amy Lowell, Wastewater Superintendent, announced at the Board of Selectmen’s meeting on Monday, September 25, 2017, that the final sewer system project has come in under budget.

One SEU (Sewer Equivalent Unit) covers up to a 4 bedroom single family home, which comprises most of the properties in the Little Pond Sewer Service Area (LPSSA). Property owners already should be aware of their SEU status. Contact Superintendent Lowell at 508-457-2543 or alowell@falmouthmass.us if you have any questions.

To watch Ms. Lowell’s presentation, click on FCTV and scroll to 1:59 through 2:13 (hour/minute into the meeting).

Also see the Enterprise, 9/29/17, page 11: “Little Pond Sewer Project Comes in Under Budget“.

Discounts on flood insurance in exchange for actions (by a town) that reduce flood risk within a community are being offered by FEMA through their voluntary Community Rating System, as explained at the 9/25 Selectmen’s meeting by Shannon Jarbeau, Community Rating System and Floodplain Coordinator for Barnstable County through the Cape Cod Cooperative Extension.

The Selectmen voted to join a number of other Cape Cod towns by accepting our town’s Coastal Resiliency Action Committee’s recommendation to participate in this program. Homeowners may receive a possible reduction in their flood insurance cost by 10% up to 45%. To watch Ms. Jarbeau’s explanation, click on FCTV and scroll to 41:40 through 57:00. If you live in a flood plain, you might want to track Falmouth’s progress in obtaining any discount.

Also visit the Cape Cod Extension website and scroll down to Community Rating System (CRS). This site is filled with information and links.

Falmouth’s water pipe system, inlcuding the Heights and Maravista, was described in detail by Ray Jack, DPW Superintendent, as part of his very informative monthly status report to the Selectmen on 9/25. To watch, click on FCTV and scroll to 1:08 through 1:58.

Elysian Avenue has a new stop sign. The FHMNA’s request to the Traffic Advisory Committee, through our Liaison, has resulted in a stop sign being installed at the end of Elysian Avenue where it meets Grand Avenue. It seems there used to be a stop sign there and the town was unaware that it had gone missing. This is a complicated traffic corner which is rendered safer with a stop sign.