FHMNA Board of Directors elects Co-Presidents

On Saturday, Sept 28, 2019, the FHMNA Board of Directors elected Dave Buzanoski and Debbie Scott to a one year term as Co-Presidents of the Falmouth Heights–Maravista Neighborhood Association. Their activity in the organization and on the board in recent years and their complementary skills and abilities make them well suited to steer our organization into the future.

Presidents’ Message:

We are honored to have been elected as Co-Presidents and we look forward to serving you. We both acknowledge that we have relatively large shoes to fill. However, by each taking one shoe, we are confident that we can successfully accomplish our goals and objectives.

We would like to thank our immediate predecessors Howard Grosser (President 10/2011 – 1/2018), who moved to Woods Hole, and Paula Lichter (Vice President 10/2011 – 9/2019), who will remain on the Board as a Director. We thank both Howard and Paula for all their years of hard work and additionally thank Paula for stepping in to fill the President’s duties in the past few years. Paula will continue as Webmaster and Chair of both the Communications and Nomination subcommittees. Her commitment to our mission is ongoing and she would like to express her gratitude to all our members for their support.

We intend to preside as a “Mission” oriented administration, open to new ideas and focused on preservation, community, and advocacy, and we remind our members of our organization’s brief yet specific Mission Statement:

“To preserve and improve the residential character of the Falmouth Heights and Maravista neighborhoods. To protect and enhance our beaches, parks and estuaries and other public spaces. To encourage activities that promote civic pride and healthful enjoyment of our neighborhood. To provide a forum to identify concerns affecting our neighborhoods, make information available to our members, and address areas of concern with appropriate Town bodies.”

Our organization is only as strong as the sum of its parts, and therefore we encourage and invite members to actively participate in helping us to achieve our goals, accomplish our stated mission, and to enjoy the comradery of our community.

We take this opportunity to remind members that we still have several vacancies on our Board of Directors and encourage any members interested in becoming more active to email us at info@fhmna.org.

We look forward to working for and with you in the coming year.

Thank you,

Dave Buzanoski and Debbie Scott
Co-Presidents, FHMNA