Beaches & Grinder Pumps, your Association at work for you

Two articles of interest were published in The Enterprise on Friday, September 4, 2015, both quoting our President, Howard Grosser.

While Howard is the primary Petitioner on the request to add an Article to the November Town Meeting, three other co-Petitioners are FHMNA members Andy Dufresne and Joe Netto and Precinct 1 Town Meeting Member Ron Zweig, who is also a member of the Water Quality Management Committee.

We will communicate updates as they happen.

“Beaches Understaffed for Holiday Weekend”, pages 1 & 7

Petitioner To Ask Town To Take Ownership Of Grinder Pumps In Sewer Project, pages 1 & 12

This proposed warrant article asks Town Meeting to authorize the Selectmen to develop a policy related to the ‘means by which’ and ‘the length of the term over which’ the Town will take ownership of the pumps. Once/if authorized – there will be Selectmen’s meetings to discuss the specifics of the policy itself.