Bristol Beach Stays Sticker

On Monday, November 18, 2013, the Board of Selectmen voted 4 to 1 (Brent Putnam dissenting) against opening the Bristol Beach parking lot to non-sticker holders, charging $10 at the gate to day visitors.

There was a short discussion of the issues previously presented on November 4 (see article posted Nov. 5), including how busy the beach is already.

Beach Superintendent Hoffer noted there are 24 spaces in the non-deeded section of the parking lot and provided information that about 1700 $10 stickers are bought by motels/hotels/inns for their guests.

Selectman Jones brought up the deed restrictions, specifically regarding the beach being restricted to residents and guests, which prompted Selectman Flynn to wonder about the legal opinion. Town Manager Suso stated the legal opinion “is still being reviewed”.

Selectman Murphy reminded everyone that there are a number of parking meters for the general public at the Heights Beach.

Selectman Putnam didn’t see much difference between the $10 day stickers bought by motels/hotels/inns or charging at the gate. Mr. Hoffer clarified that motel etc. stickers are for people staying overnight in Falmouth and therefore by definition are guests of Falmouth and meet the “resident/guest” requirement for sticker holders.