Jericho Path area odors

Please see the Enterprise online article  published on 2/23/18 to read about how the town plans to install an odor control system to fix the problem causing noxious odors in the Jericho Path/Worcester Court area.

Grinder Pump? Power Outage? Instructions below.

Power Outage Information for Little Pond Area Property Owners with Sewer Grinder Pumps * The power is currently out through much of Falmouth, including of course much of Falmouth Heights and Maravista.  Eversource is working to restore power. If you are out of Town (i.e., not at your Falmouth property), you do not need to be concerned …

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Conservation Commission – Helmis Circle 40B Report & Action Items Requested Of Developer for Continued Hearing

At the Feb.14, 2018 Conservation Commission (ConCom) Hearing Under Notice of Intent – Helmis Circle LLC, numerous issues were raised by ConCom members and the public. The developer was directed to provide additional information to ConCom at least one week prior to the next hearing scheduled for March 21, 2018. In general, ConCom members were …

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ZBA 1/18/18 Helmis Circle 40B Project Update

On January 18, 2018, the Zoning Board of Appeals held the second hearing regarding the 40B proposal in Falmouth Heights (watch on FCTV). The hearing was continued until 6:30 PM on March 15, 2018. Virginia Valiela, Vice Chairman of the Water Quality Management Committee, explained the flow neutral by-law (see Article VIII 180 51 & …

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Frozen Grinder Pump Issue Resolved By The Town At No Cost To Owners

This information was reported by Amy Lowell to the Selectmen on January 22, 2018.  See the full BOS Agenda, read The Enterprise “Problem With Frozen Pumps Solved“, or watch on FCTV, Last week’s cold weather caused a small percentage of the 330 recently installed grinder pumps’ internal components to freeze up due to the rapid deep …

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