Water Kiosk Installed at Heights Ball Field

If you’ve walked past the southeast corner of the ball field lately, you might have noticed the new water “kiosk” just installed by the Town with funds raised by the Falmouth Water Stewards (FWS) as part of the FWS’s “REfill REuse Falmouth initiative”.  These stations will have filtered water taps for refilling water bottles, a conventional water fountain and a water basin for thirsty pets.

We hope to join the FWS in a Saturday dedication celebration by mid-July and will announce the date when scheduled.

The water kiosk at Peg Noonan Park was the first water station installed, chronicled in the June 15th edition of the Falmouth Enterprise.

Alan Robinson, member of the Falmouth Water Stewards, has given us the following information:

“Falmouth, we have a growing environmental problem – long-lasting, non-degradable, fresh water and marine ecosystem-impacting plastic litter. Walk along our beaches and roadways, what do you see?  Single use water bottles, soft drink and energy drink bottles, alcoholic beverage “nips”, coffee and drink Styrofoam cups, candy bar packaging – all made of plastic.   This plastic litter diminishes the appearance of our community.  When it gets into our estuaries and oceans, which much of it does, the impacts magnify.”

The Falmouth Water Stewards (FWS), a local non-profit organization focused on protecting Falmouth’s freshwater and marine environment, and Town government are partnering on an initiative – “REfill REuse Falmouth”. The initiative’s goal, enthusiastically endorsed by Falmouth’s Solid Waste Advisory Committee, is to reduce single-use water bottle use, thereby reducing litter and protecting our environment.  The goal is to install water bottle refill stations in areas such as Main Street, Shining Sea Bikeway, recreation facilities and beaches.

FWS is raising funds from businesses, non-profits, government entities and individual and group donors to purchase the equipment for the water stations which will be donated to the Town of Falmouth for them to install.  Volunteers will help keep them clean. Some of the funds raised were from a grant from the Falmouth Road Race.

“The water stations are designed to provide free, healthy, thirst-quenching Falmouth water to residents, vacation home owners and visitors alike. Their presence will remind us all that we can take individual action – use refillable water bottles, water pitchers filled with tap water, etc. – to achieve a public good – one that will result in less litter and protect the freshwater and marine environment.

“But, even if we are successful here (or rather when we are successful here), how will that change the world?  From small acorns grow large oaks.  Tens of thousands of people visit Falmouth from near and far.  What people see and experience here can spread.

“Where does change begin?  How about right here in Falmouth.

“For more information about the Water Station initiative and/or to sponsor via donation, please email refillreusefalmouth@falmouthwaters.org.”