TROUBLE AT THE BEACH? Numbers to put into your cell phone. (posted 7/5/17)

If  you observe activities on the beach that violate bylaws, rules or both (smoking, drinking, disruptive ball/projectile playing, dogs on the beach, etc.), please note that the official ‘chain of command’ is:


If the lifeguards do not/are not able to respond or control the behavior,

(2) FOR RULE VIOLATIONS (Smoking, disruptive ball playing), call:

508-548-8623 Ellen T Mitchell Bathhouse, 9 AM – 4 PM when the beach is officially open, or

508-274-1498 Acting Beach Superintendent Bruce Mogardo, outside of official open hours or if you do not get a response from the Bathhouse.

(3) FOR ILLEGAL BEHAVIOR (public consumption of alcohol):

774-255-4527 ext. 0 to reach Police Dispatch.

Falmouth Police Officer Elson Costa will be on duty at the Heights and Bristol beaches Memorial day to Labor Day, Wednesday to Sunday, 10 AM – 6 PM, to monitor criminal behavior and address such issues as rowdy behavior but not necessarily people drinking alcohol who are well mannered.

Below are the links to a series of Enterprise articles regarding Falmouth beaches:

June 2, 2017: “Association Unsatisfied With Response to Beach Concerns” – summarizes FHMNA Board President’s meeting with Town Manager, Asst. Town Manager, Beach Superintendent and Chair of the Beach Committee:

June 9, 2017: “Falmouth Beaches Open June 29” including information about the new beach signs which “will allow for “limited ball play and will include Frisbee and Cornhole”.

June 30, 2017: “Challenges Expected as Falmouth Opens Beaches For Summer” which includes an East Falmouth resident who complained “That the rules are posted is not enough” and FHMNA’s involvement in “a recent summit” between FHMNA and town hall.

June 30, 2017: “Safety is Top Priority for Lifeguards – Editorial”.—editorial/article_44627774-9e9b-5020-9aeb-c3e5116915e3.html

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