Traffic & Safety Summary – August thru October 2012

From our Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC) Liaison: 

Recent TAC recommendations include:

  • Walden Ave – addition of a ONE WAY sign at the top of the street sign currently there on the corner of Grand/Walden – FHMIA  initiated
  • Worcester Ct – DPW to measure and make recommendations on fog lines for both the north and south sides  – FHMIA initiated
  • Worcester Ct – WRONG WAY signs on the north bound side at the blinking light – COMPLETEDFHMIA initiated
  • Randolph St – replacing existing signs that are deteriorating
  • Penn Ave – installation of ONE WAY arrows on the pavement – COMPLETED
  • Gifford/Jones – additional traffic control measures to better protect pedestrians/school children at this intersection

The above recommendations are being reviewed/investigated for feasibility by the DPW Engineering Department.