Traffic & Safety: Post Annual Meeting Report

Gerry Ryan, FHMNA Liaison to the Traffic Advisory Committee (TAC), brought concerns mentioned by members at our annual meeting to the TAC meeting on August 17th. Following is a list of TAC recommendations which will now go to the Town Manager for approval.

1. Request for signage: “Beach Area, Speed Limit Strictly Enforced” or similar on Menauhant Rd. near beaches: TAC: Recommends that the DPW replace the existing “Slow Beach Area” sign, changing the crosswalk to the newer “ladder bar” style, and adding a yellow 30 mph speed warning sign. A ladder bar style crosswalk may not happen until spring when the company that does the painting is back in town.

2. Request for “Blind Driveway” sign at 190 Grand Ave.: TAC is suggesting that the driveway permit that was taken out may have moved the driveway. They are recommending that we wait until the project is complete and that the request must come from the owner of the property. FHMNA will communicate this to the owner.

3. Request to replace “One Way” sign on Elysian Ave with a “Do Not Enter” sign. TAC is recommending that DPW check existing signs and replace if necessary with standard red & white sign.

4. Request for “Caution, Beach Area” or similar in the vicinity of Grand Ave. and Mass Ave. TAC is recommending a sign be put up as soon as possible just east of the Casino on the beach side of the street.

5. Request for “Warning, Stop Ahead” sign or similar on Nantucket Ave. TAC is recommending that DPW trim – again – the tree and bush and have a “Warning, Stop Ahead” sign painted on the roadway.