The Water Quality Management Committee, Thursday, 9/17/20 – Report concerning Grinder Pump Rebates

Hold the date: Monday, 9/28/20, Select Board review

Item No.5 on the Water Quality Management Committee meeting agenda on 9/17/20 was a discussion of “Wastewater Superintendent’s Recommendation to Select Board to authorize reimbursements to property owners who installed low pressure grinder pumps in the Little Pond Sewer Service Area”.

Amy Lowell, the Waste Water Superintendent, advised the committee that she will be presenting her recommendation to the Select Board at their next meeting on Monday 9/28/20. Her report will be consistent with her previous evaluation that the average cost differential of installing a low pressure Grinder Pump vs. a Gravity System (not requiring such pump) was $1800 per household. Accordingly, she will recommend that homeowners of record at the time of sewer connection, who were required to install grinder pumps, shall be reimbursed $1800.

The Select Board voted in 2016, with the support of the Water Quality Management Committee, to commit to provide owners who installed grinder pumps with a reasonable reimbursement.

Hopefully, this long awaited decision will come to a close at the Select Board meeting on 9/28/20, which begins at 7 PM and, shortly after, homeowners who were required to install grinder pumps will be reimbursed any funds due to them.

As always, you can watch this meeting live on FCTV channel 15 in you are in Falmouth, or watch it a few days later on Video On Demand. If you would like to participate, check the Agenda Center after Friday, September 25 for Zoom instructions.