Heights Beach Parking Lot, February 2010

After 6 months of in-depth discussion amongst various Town committees and residents, on February 1, 2010, the Board of Selectmen (BOS) carried the motion 3 to 2 to allow the DPW to pave the Heights Beach parking lot with asphalt, as proposed by the Engineering Department.  This will fix the ruts and uneven surface, allowing easier access for the handicapped, less dust, and will solve the water overflow from Grand Avenue.  While some residents favored the application of asphalt, others preferred to either keep the lot as is, with more consistent rut removal from the sand surface, or wanted it paved with “green” pervious concrete. 

The minutes of the BOS are recorded on the Town website:

http://www.falmouthmass.us/meeting.php?depkey=selectmen&number=2856  (scroll down to “Discuss and Vote Falmouth Heights Parking Lot”)

The Falmouth Enterprise published two articles regarding this issue:  12/15/2009, “Residents, Selectmen Split Over Paving Of Heights Parking Lot”; and 2/2/2010, “Selectmen Come To Decision On Heights Parking Lot”.