Road Race Cap of 10,000 Runners Confirmed

The Select Board confirmed a cap of 10,000 runners at their 5/9/22 meeting. See our earlier post “Road Race Capped at 10,000 Runners – Hearing Continued Until 5/9“.

The Road Race organizers had applied for a cap of 15,000 for this year’s 50th anniversary race but was restricted to 10,000 at the recommendation of the Falmouth Police Department for safety reasons. The organizers had committed 3,500 spots to charities and 6,000 spots to runners from the past two years who had signed up but not been able to run because of COVID, leaving only 500 spots for Falmouth residents. However, only 4,000 of the 6,000 promised actually registered as of the deadline on 4/30, leaving another 2,000 spots open.

There are now 2,500 spots open to Falmouth residents, so the capped number did not have to be reviewed.

There was mention, but no discussion, about the organizers’ wish to return to 12,800 next year.

Good luck to all the runners and have a wonderful race day on Sunday, August 21, 2022!