LPSSA: Garbage Disposals allowed – note from Amy Lowell

We received the following information from Amy Lowell about garbage disposals in the LPSSA:

“Garbage disposals are not prohibited for sewer connections in Falmouth, whether gravity or low pressure or grinder pump.

“However, property owners should be aware that garbage disposals increase water use and can cause plumbing or sewer problems if not used properly.  For example, people should not put fat/grease, bones, rags or shells down the drain, whether they have a garbage disposal or not.  Sufficient water must be used when the garbage disposal is running to wash the ground food waste down the drain.

“For properties connected to septic systems (not sewer), the state regulation (Title 5) requires a larger minimum tank size, a two compartment tank (or two tanks in series) and a 50% larger soil adsorption system when a “garbage grinder” is installed, because of the increased solids load to the septic system associated with use of  a garbage disposal.

Amy Lowell
Wastewater Superintendent
416 Gifford Street
Falmouth, MA 02540
(508) 457-2543 x 3018