Little Pond Sewer Meeting Draws 500 Residents

Below are some selected quotes from the Falmouth Enterprise article posted online Tuesday, July 14, 2015. To view the full article, click on:

“Selectmen voted Monday, July 13, in front of a 500-plus crowd on the maximum amount residents in the Little Pond sewer project area could be charged in betterment fees, which came in $2,000 lower than originally estimated at $16,201 per property owner.”

“The total project cost … $37 million, two million less than what was projected…in 2014. The betterment was …be a 70/30 split, with property owners … bearing the larger share. Any cost overruns…must be paid by the town instead of the … neighborhoods.”

“Town wastewater superintendent Gerald C. Potamis said … that most would be paying between $3,000 and $5,000 for the initial hook up.”

“The town will be purchasing pumps for residents living in lower elevation areas … estimated at $5,000.

“Selectmen voted to hold another hearing to decide on whether residents should receive a discount in the municipal permit fees they need to secure prior to connecting. They .. are considering … to streamline the process and to reduce the $200 in permits.”