FHMNA Annual Spring Clean-Up (with photos)

Thanks to all the 30 or so volunteers who came out on a beautiful Saturday morning on April 23rd ! It was perfect weather to scout around the Heights and Maravista for errant flotsam and jetsam, including 5 tires and a decorative clay fish.

Despite Falmouth’s ban on selling “nip” bottles, there were a number collected, but many fewer than in past years. Other repeat items mentioned by some were the poop bags that dog owners leave on the sidewalk or throw over the bluff.

However, our collection of the wanton discards of others was overall less than previous years, so that’s good news.

We also want to extend a big thank you to the DPW for a job well done in picking up our trash bags as well as other detritus. We advised them where we had left our collections and by Monday morning they were already picked up.