Additional information and photos since 5/9/23 email (FHMNA Clean Up, April 22, 2023 – photos)

Twenty-four members of the Falmouth Heights – Maravista Neighborhood Association met at 9 AM on Saturday 22, 2023 for coffee and donuts before heading out to pay homage to Mother Earth by cleaning up the streets, parks, cliffs, bluffs and sidewalks of the Falmouth Heights and Maravista neighborhoods.

Several members who participated commented after completing a couple hours of work that the number of discarded nips was noticeably fewer than in years past as were the once too familiar pale blue face masks that punctuated the landscape during COVID-19. As for food wrappers, bottles, cans (among them a twisted and dented Bud Light Beer can), an occasional piece of clothing or two, numerous cigarette butts, and several filled doggie bags, overall the litter scene seemed somewhat lighter than previous spring clean-ups, which is overall good news.

This FHMNA Annual Spring rite was organized by FHMNA President David Buzanoski, Treasurer Greg Mazmanian and member Mary Jo Bradley.

From L to R: Rosemary Deveer, Mary Jo Bradley & FHMNA President David Buzanoski organizing litter pickers.

Bruce and Laura Bumpus (left); Ed and Louise Jalowiec (right); and other volunteers.

Mary Jo Bradley, who motivated FHMNA in 2017 to create our annual clean-up efforts!

David Buzanoski adding more trash for Town pickup.

L to R: Mary Jo Bradley, Rosemary DeVeer, Ed Jaloweic, Doris Beatty and others celebrating our 7th Annual Spring Clean-Up day!