40th New Balance Falmouth Road Race, August, 2012

On December 6, 2011, the 2012 New Balance Falmouth Road Race Organizing Committee met at the Connamessett Inn.

Along with the race Board of Directors, Dave McGillivray and his team from DSME Sport (Dave McGillivray Sports Enterprises http://www.dmsesports.com/, the new management team), attendees included race volunteers, people from Fire Rescue, and two members of the FHMIA:  Howard Grosser and Paula Lichter.

During the introductions, we learned that many members of the DSME team have run the Falmouth race multiple times, so know first-hand what works and doesn’t work for the runners.  As a management group, they are equally interested in doing what works for the Falmouth community.

Mr. McGillivray spoke at length about his goals and ideas and his vision of ‚Äúoperational excellence‚ÄĚ.¬† He has read all of the 2011 race critiques and reads all his email.¬† He and his team have been managing races for 30 years, including the Boston Marathon.¬†They welcome¬†comments, concerns, observations,¬†and suggestions for improvement and ask that you¬†please email Mr. McGillivray directly at dmse@dmsesports.com.

DSME is team oriented and wants to make sure the race runs well, that transportation, busing and the medical support team is efficient, that the ball field at the Heights is protected, etc.¬† They have many ideas for the 40th running of this race:¬† engaging the community by possibly adding events for children, establishing a Falmouth Hall of Fame, focusing on ‚Äúmaster‚ÄĚ runners (over 40 years old), and¬†possibly fireworks to give something back to the community.

Other meetings, TBD, will be held with community members in February, April, June and August with a promise of  invitations to representatives from both Woods Hole and the Heights.