2018 Spring Town Meeting: Coastal Resiliency, LPSSA Water Meters, and Housekeeping Amenities

The Falmouth Spring Town Meeting was held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, April 9, 10 and 11, 2018.

Members might be interested in watching the Coastal Resiliency Action Committee report on Monday:  FCTV, 1:32:45 through 1:39:19. (For those interested in learning more and/or sharing their concerns with the Committee, please attend a “Municipal Vulnerability Preparedness (MVP) Community Listening” meeting on Tuesday, May 8, 2018 in the Hermann Room, Falmouth Public Library, 7:00 – 9:00 PM, or view their web page on the Town website.

For background information on Articles 32 and 34, see FHMNA’s article posted on April 2, 2018 regarding Articles 32 and 34.

Article 32 Indefinite Postponement:  “This petition is to place an article in the annual warrant to have the town of Falmouth authorize a second water meter for each residence affected by this new sewer system. The town to provide the additional water meter and the homeowner would pay for its installation. On petition of Stephen C. Bazycki.”  Indefinite Postponement recommended.

This article was “held” for discussion, which can be viewed on FCTV by scrolling from 56:20 through 1:07:50. The petitioner was not able to appear, but sent a representative to ask for an amendment to widen the petition to all of Falmouth rather than just the LPSSA.  This was not allowed.  There was a concern that there was no funding noted; the moderator explained that if the petition passed, the petitioner would then return with a request for funding.  TMM Sandy Cuny said she had received some calls from Precinct 2 residents who volunteered to pay for their own meters.  She suggested the members vote for Indefinite Postponement and that the petitioners come back with more clarification.  This was done.

Article 34 Passed as Printed: To see if the Town will vote to amend the Zoning Bylaw by deleting Section 240-142 (as amended in 1983) and substituting the following updated Section 240-142 regulating cooking and housekeeping amenities in commercial accommodations guest units: §240-142 Cooking and housekeeping facilities. Commercial accommodations units may contain amenities for private cooking and housekeeping only as the Board of Appeals allows, by special permit, upon the Board’s determination that the allowed amenities are customary to guest units and will not change the nature of the use as commercial accommodations. On petition of Kevin P. Klauer, II.

This article was not “held” by any Town Meeting Member for discussion and was voted as recommended by the Planning Board: “That the Town vote Article 34 as printed in the warrant.”