2018 End-of-Summer Beach Review

On Monday, Oct. 30, 2018, Bruce Mogardo, Beach Superintendent, submitted his 2018 End-Of-Summer report to the Board of Selectmen (see text below).

Two articles in the Enterprise say it all:  10/19/18, page 10, “Beach Superintendent Pleased With End-of-summer Conditions”  , and 11/2/18, page 15, “Dogs, Trash A Challenge At Beaches”.

A number of people have mentioned to us recently that there are no trash containers at the Heights Beach since the DPW removed them after Columbus Day.  We have requested that at least one container be put back for those who use the beach and walkway during the winter months.

Text of Superintendent Mogardo’s “Review of Beach Rules after 2018 Implementation”


Implementation of the new rules and policies was started at the staff orientation in June. I met with each head guard to insure the understanding of the policies for each situation at each beach. We also made it a focus point at roll call several mornings a week emphasizing how to make decisions and how to speak to beach patrons when explaining the policy. Below are some examples of changes that worked well:

 Personally informing each group wishing to play a game at the beach that it was or was not permitted and why.

 When a game was permitted, advise participants that the game may be closed if the beach gets too crowded.

 The use of parking attendants as spotters at Heights and Old Silver permitted lifeguards to concentrate on water safety.

 Moving the lifeguard’s chairs further back so as to increase awareness of sand safety issues.

 Advertising two beaches where water craft could be safely launched, one on each side of town.

 Asking staff to be more personable when informing people about beach policies helped people understand the rules better, so fewer unhappy people.

 Speaking with people during rotations in an informal way improved public relations.


 After hours drinking and dogs on the beaches required more time to clean up dog waste and trash.

 More and more people are using the beach so beaches were more crowded. Will request an increase in lifeguards and parking attendants.

 Increase in household trash in beach trash receptacles.


 Asking people to take down or move their umbrellas so as to not block the line of sight or path for the lifeguards.

 People with dogs off leash during the evenings scaring people or taking peoples food.


 Three hundred plus people informed of the new ball playing/beach games rule, the average was 6 times a day.

 On days ball playing was permitted, 11 people were asked to stop because of safety concerns.

 On days not permitted, 110 people were asked to stop because of heavy beach attendance.

 Twenty‐nine people were asked to put alcohol away.

 One person drinking alcohol would not stop so police were called.

 Seventeen people were asked to move or take down their umbrellas because it was blocking the line of sight of the lifeguards.

 Four requests to move tents to the rear of the beach or behind the lifeguard chairs.

 Four dog owners were asked to remove their dogs from the beach

 Three people were informed that they could not leave their dog in the vehicle/


 Increase Animal Control presence to reduce dogs and dog waste on the beaches.