August  – July Membership

Our annual year is from August 1 through July 31.  Joining in May or June will begin your membership and  include the coming fiscal year.

Membership Dues:
Individual  $20  (1 vote at Annual Meeting; 1 email address)
Family       $30  (2 votes at Annual Meeting; unlimited # of emails)

There are two ways to join or renew:

Complete Online Application and use PayPal to send payment.

FHMNA Member Application (Clicking on this link may open to another page where you will see a reduced copy or repeated title of application.  Just click to view the full size ready to print.)




Newsletters: All members will receive the Vista newsletter twice a year either by email or by US mail (usually November and June) and are encouraged to visit our website ( at any time.

Email:  Members who submit an email address will receive notice whenever we post a new article and will receive occasional emails during the year announcing any Town or community meetings or information of relevance to our area (typically once or twice a month).

If you do not have email yourself, we encourage you to add one of a friend or relative who can pass the information on to you.

Annual Meeting:  Although anyone may speak at Annual Meeting, the first Saturday in August each year, only paid members may vote.

If you have questions before joining, please email and we will have one of our Board members contact you.

Our mailing address is:
PO Box 43
Falmouth, MA 02541