Ongoing Activities of FHMNA 

  1. Maintain reciprocal lines of communication with the DPW, Conservation Commission, Traffic Advisory Committee, Town Meeting, Falmouth Road Race Committee and Beach Committee via FHMNA board-appointed liaisons who attend meetings to represent neighborhood interests in all matters before those bodies.
  1. Contribute annually to Robert T. Smith Scholarship Fund, currently allocated at $1,000 per year.
  1. Regularly refill Doggie Bag Dispenser, donated by FHMNA and installed by the Town, on Worcester Court at Jericho Path.
  1. Maintain membership in The 300 Committee Land Trust.
  1. Maintain membership in The Falmouth Water Stewards (previously Falmouth Association of Estuaries and Salt Ponds (FACES)).
  1. Promote and participate in Annual Spring Town Cleanup to clean Heights and Maravista parklands.


List of Notable Activities, Contributions and Accomplishments


  • Instrumental in having the Town quickly resolve the issue of grinder pumps freezing up in the January deep freeze at no cost to the owners.


  • Information coming.


  • Organized and sponsored an informational Expo where property owners in the Little Pond Sewer Service Area could meet with a variety contractors and lenders involved in the mandated sewer hookup.
  • Developed and promoted a policy, ultimately supported by DPW and Board of Selectmen, for Town maintenance, repair and replacement of the grinder pumps in the Little Pond Sewer Service Area.


  • Promoted the concept and worked with MacDougall’s on the replacement of their equipment’s high pitched back-up alarms with white noise “silent” back up alarms.
  • Changed our name from Falmouth Heights-Maravista Improvement Association (FHMIA) to Falmouth Heights-Maravista Neighborhood Association (FHMNA).
  • Worked with the Island Queen and supported their traffic management policies to keep large tour buses from becoming traffic issues in our neighborhood.


  • Supported Board of Selectman decision to permit Lennon Fest on Heights ball field as an alcohol-free event.


  • Successfully supported the continuation of Bristol Beach as a sticker-only beach.
  • Donated a defibrillator to the Beach Department Committee for ongoing use at Falmouth Heights Beach.


  • Promoted and supported the creation of an evening beach parking lot attendant position at the Falmouth Heights beach lot to ensure orderly night time use.


  • Contributed to the Quiet Roads Associates for road noise signs (to curb load motorcycles and other vehicles) at entrances to Town of Falmouth (approved and installed by the Town).
  • Provided and maintained perennials on the Crescent Circle traffic island from 2003 through 2010. The Falmouth Beautification Council currently maintains this as part of their Adopt-A-Garden program.


  • Contributed to legal fees incurred during appeal of Board of Selectmen’s decision to allow weddings at the kite park on Grand Avenue.     


  • Contributed to HarborWatch for legal fees incurred in appeal of Zoning Board decision to allow MacDougalls’ Cape Cod Marine Services, Inc. to build a tall solid vinyl fence on Grand Avenue. As a result of this suit, MacDougalls’ withdrew their request.


  • Funded placement of commemorative bench at Heights ball field seating area in honor of Elvira Goodwin, the donor of the land.

2002 and 2007 

  • Purchased and installed “Welcome to Falmouth Heights” sign at Crescent Circle traffic island. Replaced in 2007 with a more permanently installed sign.


  • Contributed to Falmouth Fire Department toward cost of camera that sees through smoke to find victims.

1970s through 1980s

  • Raised and disbursed over $25,000 in legal fees involved in successful lawsuit against Brothers Four (later Yesterday’s) regarding zoning issues and improper use of their licenses.
  • 1986 – 87: Initiated repair of coastal erosion of the Heights Bluffs through the Board of Selectmen and Conservation Commission with work eventually completed by the DPW.